Why Seahorse?

Firstly, let me start off telling you I was crazy, ridiculously in love with Jared before we starting courting. (Courting? People still use that word?) I do, because we were not "dating". We knew if we were to be together we would be married soon after, so in my book we "courted".

Jared lived 67 miles from me (Yes, I counted.) and I only got to see him once a week for a long, long time. So when he would text me in the early morning I was always so excited I would respond asap! The only problem was, it was while I was sleeping. After some time of some goofy, nonsensical things being said I realized, I was texting him in my sleep!

So we devised a plan. We needed a code word. "Seahorse" popped into his mind. Okay. Deal. So if I was awake when he texted me I would sign it

Love, Seahorse. 

And that's how it began.

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