Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Mama - Baby Date

We headed out of the house on a much needed adventure last week. It was a holiday of sorts- a mama baby holiday and on that day we did whatever we wanted. 

That included stopping at a baseball field because Onyx wanted to get out of his car seat. He loathes that thing. Many babies find it to be safe, peaceful place but not Onyx. He can't be tamed.

So we did some (I hold his hands) walking around the field. He stopped and stared at every logging truck, school bus and diesel engine vehicle that zoomed by. How does that happen by the way? How are you just born such a boy? Such a little man-boy? Jared and I have no interest in cars at all and it's just in  him. It's bizarre! He is also really big into super heros right now, more specifically, Superman. Why? How does he know  who Superman is? I guess we'll never understand. I'll just have to embrace it I suppose. At least he loves animals. Now that  I can do and understand. I love that he is different from us. It will help all of us grow.

Once he got a sufficient amount of wiggles out we headed for the mall. I've been wanting to find him a good sun-shading hat for a while now. Since he is a round (biggish) headed baby, (thanks to his big skulled dad ;] )I  have a harder time with this. 

Here we are in the mall's bathroom to wash our hands for lunch. I couldn't tell you why but that place scares the tears outta that ^ boy. Jared's best, most obvious answer was that the bathroom is located on an Indian burial ground. Yup, that must be it. 

Onyx's "adult" lunch. I only say it was an adult lunch because only adults should make the poor choice to only have cookies for lunch. He seemed to enjoy it though ;P 

There was really nothing on my veggie sammy that he would have liked, so I figured, cookies it is. Well, cookies and milk anyway...

Next we headed off to the kids play area. It's so cool that I can go to one of these with my little one now! I love being his mom!

I could not pry him from the circus mirror. As it warped his face into blobby shapes he kept giggling and reaching out to high five that goofy lookin' kid. 

...Did I say kid? I meant baby, I mean he still is a baby right? Kinda... It's leaving him though. I can see it. 

Next we went into a photobooth and got some pictures for Jared. I figured he could use it as a bookmark in a mushroom book or something. Thoughtful? Maybe. Fun? Yes.

Speaking of fun, how sweet is this? I just put him in and he started to drive! We never taught him that! Smarty McFarty Pants.

 We headed to Target (I could live there!) after we bought his new pirate ball cap. This picture makes me laugh. It looks like he has a giant twin. I could do that. I could have another, only if that baby was as lovely as this one. 

I also may or may not have started picking up birthday supplies for him. Seven months has gone by fast you know! His party is going to be Dr. Seuess's "The Lorax" themed. Lots of cotton candy and little bears will be involved. You have been warned ;)  

I am so glad we got out of the house. 

Joshua 1:19 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”


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